Jacob Wolfsheimer

Search, Reputation, and Marketing Evolved.

Project Management Experience

My Philosophy

My take on project management is to provide exceptional service coupled with on-time, on-budget delivery of the project goals. The end-result, whether product or service, must necessarily meet and customarily exceed client’s needs.

Getting to project completion requires defining and understanding project requirements, engaging stakeholders, unmasking available resources and risks, and preparing for changes. All of this while ensuring progress is being made on the project through implementation of the project plan.

My Methodology

Throughout the life span of a project, I will follow a series of processes. I am not willing to say, “don’t get blinded by methodology,” as boldly declared in this project management primer. I am, however, flexible to learning and working within one methodology for one client and another methodology for another.

My Experience

My experiences include project management through a custom built ticket tracking system and FogBugz, online project management tools (Basecamp, ClockingIT, HiveMinder), and Microsoft Project.

In my time at Rock Creek Strategic Marketing, we followed processes based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge. The approach at TIG Global and Interactive Strategies was largely based on waterfall methodology.